Why design? 

I wanted a career that would allow me to serve others. I tried a few things here and there before I found my place in design. To me, designing is always an act of service which brings me much much joy. 

A user defender is born 

Inspired by the amazing Jason Ogle, I decided to push myself every day so that I could become a user defender.  My goal is to be a good team player who fights hard to defend the users who fall victim to a lack of understanding, bad decisions, and poor implementations. 

My superpowers

Problem scoping, empathy, and storytelling.

Right now

I'm a second-year graduate student studying Human-computer interaction with a focus on UX research and design.  I chose to focus my mastery course on the agile development track, this has allowed me to develop  front-end skills and practice agile methodologies


I'm Nicole a UX/UI designer [user defender] who also happens to be a free food sample expert 

I'm Mexican

I've never been stung

by a bee

I'm an only child

I will always eat the

pizza crust

I tried dog food once

I used to be a salsa dancing instructor

I have a background in advertising and visual communication

I love plantain chips

I wear a lot of black

Love listening to podcasts while working

Fun facts

about me