No story is out of reach 


The majority of the world’s population now has a camera in their pocket. People everywhere are turning to video to document and tell stories of abuse. But all too often, they are not filming safely or effectively, and their videos don’t make a difference.


Witness is an organization that implements resources and provides all the information needed to record properly so that the efforts to expose the truth aren’t in vain. By doing so, no story is out of reach. 













Created as a separate site from the page, in an effort to facilitate the information and resources that are intended for the activists separately from the organization itself.  

This web page is exclusively for the

social activists, providing the information and the tools they need.






Mobile version


App feature


These are the apps Witness works with to ensure the proper documentation with a cellphone camera. A feature within the apps was created to facilitate the information a witness might need to come in handy when using these apps



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