Passion Projects

Exploration, inspiration, fun, and past gigs

25 cents of Heaven

One of my favorite places in San Francisco was the inspiration for this short documentary.


An incredibly fascinating story, an amazing collection, and the nicest human being preserving my beloved Museé Mecanique

Playing around with my camera, photographic lighting and the beautiful Jasmine Marty

A glossy finish

Whoops?  Did you just spill some powder?  Our glossy finish allows you to easily clean the bags with no residual staining.

A small see-through element

At the front of the bag, there's a subtle see-through element integrated into our logo.


Can you guess which two triangles of the color wheel allow you to see the color inside the bag?

A completely transparent backside

The clear rear allows you to see all the product inside so you always know what color you have in your bag and when it's time to reorder.

Packaging design I developed to hold micas and glitter for TKB Trading.


 Adidas Ad

Adidas designs products for people who strive for the best. 


The best is within yourself.  Pushing your own limits and earning that shower. What is more personal than knowing you´ve earned it?

Earn your shower
App teaser


App Teaser for Adidas "Earn your shower" (imaginary) mobile application

Friendly caricatures

I created some caricatures. These are all based on real people!